TravelCarma launches a new intercity bus booking solution that has the potential to revolutionze the bus industry

[APRwire, Fri Mar 16 2018] TravelCarma, a leading travel technology company announces the launch of its ground-breaking booking system that is expected to revolutionize the bus industry. This system is designed to save bus companies thousands of dollars in manpower costs each year and make the process of booking tickets incredibly easier for travelers.

One of the biggest problems passengers face when they book a bus is that they have no information regarding the location of the bus and whether itís on time or if itís going to be delayed (like they do in case of flights). If they need updates, they would need to ring the call center, hold on for some time to be connected and have their queries answered.

As far as bus companies are concerned, many of them (particularly in emerging economies) are still using clunky, outdated systems for their sales and operations, losing customers to other forms of transportation which are constantly adding new dimensions to their customer experience.

Bus companies hire staff not only for bookings but also to manually verify the identities of passengers when they board the bus. This translates into delays, high manpower costs and room for costly errors.

TravelCarmaís product is a completely paperless, Uber-like solution with mobile apps for both passengers and drivers, allowing not just online bookings and cancellations on the go but also real-time location tracking and trip updates in the form of push notifications.

The solution is also a breakthrough in security, enabling drivers to verify the identity of passengers and board them through a QR-code based mobile interface.

Like Uber, both the customer and the bus driver would have an app installed on their phone. The driver app would have a QR code scanner that would allow them to validate the booking by simply scanning the QR code generated on the customerís app when they booked the ticket.

The drivers would also be able to send real-time journey updates to passengers via the app such as when the bus has departed, when itís about to arrive, when it is cancelled etc.

The driver app would have a seat map of the bus showing which the occupied and vacant seats. It would also allow drivers to access the current and upcoming bus schedules with the pick-up and drop off points.

The passenger app would allow customers to search and book buses on desired routes, with real-time location tracking and QR code-based booking confirmation. When a customer would make the payment in the app, an online ticket would be generated with a QR code, which the customer can get scanned by the driver when they board the bus.

Another unique feature in this system is that passengers can save details of people they frequently travel with, like friends and family, so that they donít have to enter all the details every time they book, saving them a lot of time. All theyíll have to do is select the travelers while making the booking and their details will automatically be used. The passengers would also be able to manage and cancel their bookings and access details for past and future trips, all within one app.

There is still a lot of room for innovation in the way bus tickets are booked and TravelCarmaís solution would make life much easier for both passengers and intercity bus companies.

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